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To my dearest ‘The Unknown’

photo by: Lola Here you posit.. “You could have lost A thing you valued the most Simply forgive and forget How could you do that?? It’s the same smile same hug oh I feel you don’t even look pale looking vivid vibrant and vital” My dear wonderful… I sense one day you will tell… “Oh my dear girl The… Continue reading To my dearest ‘The Unknown’

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I Enjoy the naked body. You?

photo by: Marie Grimaud We all are wearing cloths, both visible and invisible. Wait… ‘Invisible cloths’?? Yes! Let me explain. The term ‘body’ is not related only to your bones and muscles. It is a combination of physical body and mind. So our body is a combination of tangible and intangible elements; water, air, thoughts… etc. As each… Continue reading I Enjoy the naked body. You?


The 3 women who make a man a millionaire, if he’s already a billionaire.

I recently heard this saying “A woman can make a man a millionaire, if he’s already a billionaire.” And I personally believe that it is very true. The only difference is.. there are three types of women expecting three different things.   Woman 1: The one who asks for everything This is the type that everybody… Continue reading The 3 women who make a man a millionaire, if he’s already a billionaire.

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All About My Relationships

Once someone asked me “You are the only child of your family and how could you possibly come to Australia leaving your friends and family in Sri Lanka? :O ” Suddenly my mind cheered “Yeah. True!!!! That’s me! That’s me!!” Well.. it is not that hard to understand (the above image explains everything). Imagine yourself as a… Continue reading All About My Relationships