Last Will of a Black Witch

old witch










It was my desire

I knew it wasn’t fair

But I did not care,

neither did scare


A drop of  ‘anger’ added, a bottle of ‘envy’ added

Everything was mixed, vigorous poison was made

Many years passed, same venom was used

Woo-hoo people wailed, ha haaa I watched, enjoyed


I woke up with a nightmare, saw demons everywhere

They teased me how dare, while howling in my lair

They looked very anger, was envious of my power

I madly ran downstair and fell down from the stair


I found the mirror somewhere, looked at my face I took care

But wrinkles everywhere, with ugly messed gray hair

My face itself was a nightmare, and I could not bear

Things coming back like a flare, felt like there’s no air


A pain in backbone’s rear, my sight was not very clear

I was the silent murderer, and their joy’s barrier

Got no one to cherish with care, not even someone to share

I want to go somewhere, but where? I got nowhere


It’s now I become wiser, I dissipated life with vulgar

Promise I will change forever, better, kinder and stronger

But I’m feeling older, yes don’t have much time either

oh God my dear, please please take me there





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