The sweet boy (inspired by 3 true stories)

Over the phone, My friend and me..

“Sush.. listen. I want to tell you something.”
“Yes darling. Say anything”
“It’s been a few weeks. I wanted to tell you earlier.. But couldn’t.”
“Owkaay… No worries.. What’s it about??”
“wel……ummmm.. What I wanted to tell is… Anish is my boyfriend”

Conversation continued between the two girls…

And that was the beginning of being a backstage crew member to their story.

Days passed and a sudden SMS from her. “Sush, he needs to meet me. Can you please come..please.. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease”
But wait! what if a teacher sees us? a prefect? a parent? a relative? or.. one of mobile newspapers in school? Still she didn’t care.. So me neither.

As discussed, me and my friend went to the flower bouquets section of a supermarket. It was almost like a paradise. Different flowers, colours,shapes,shades.. As usual a beautiful bunch of red roses took my attention. How romantic and how precious they are.. A perfect surrounding to make a girl feels special.
Wow.. that was the place he wanted to meet her. “Is he having a power to read girls’ minds? :O ”

After a few minutes,
Here comes the prince...very tall, nice smile, cool hair, and also fair .. He was directly looking into her eyes and they were full of love. Am I seeing the most beautiful eyes in the world or every eye becomes beautiful when it’s filled with love? Nothing attracts a girl more than the direct eye contact. I saw heaven through them. If I talk frankly, yes.. I also felt a bit nervous and same time I was wishing “one day my boyfriend may do the same”. After many years still I remember it.

I thought flowers on a date are for American movies, ice cream eating competitions are for Korean movies, unexpected hugs and kisses are for French movies, sudden “I love u my angel. Miss uuu” messages at midnight/ early morning are for Hindi movies.. until I got to know that he was doing them all.

He went on a trip with friends. After that he was impatient to give her something..
“Remember the trip I went?I bought these strawberries for you.. Umm maybe you don’t like them.. ummm 🙂 “ wow.. Every moment.. she is in his mind..
What kind of a girl is going to say “You wasted money! I hate strawberries” even if she hates them.. Well.. she did it!!!

Regardless of the things she did, he tried to surprise making her very special.. I was thrilled by it because OMG.. It proved that nice boys exist on earth!!!

Hours, days, months passed like that.. and…I couldn’t believe, she couldn’t believe.. Suddenly the story came to an end. They broke up. Without saying a word he just walked away. How does the sweet boy turned into ‘that kinda guy’ at once??

The truth is he never turned into a bad guy. He was always good and nice (Still remains same as I know). For every unexpected hug.. for remembering the day they bound their hearts.. for every surprising gift…(bracelet was her favourite) for all the uncountable number of little but cute things.. for every single message “Goodnight my angel.. You are mine forever” .. did he get something? Yes…she ‘just’ did ‘love’ in return.. But…

His love was a decorated cake and her one was just a cake. His love was a nicely wrapped gift and her one was just another gift. His love was a pizza and her love was a pizza without cheese.
Her love was a house and his love was home..

He did deserve a beautifully decorated cake, nicely wrapped gift, a pizza with extra cheese and also a lovely home to spend the rest of his life

And after years.. right now.. He has already begun to build a lovely home and she is still living in a house…


So.. What do you think?

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